Youth for Peace

CPBI is partnering with Youth for Peace, a local youth led Cambodian organization, working on youth issues within this post-conflict context.  Youth for Peace aims to bring about a society of peace and social justice in Cambodia through the development of good role models and active citizenship of youth who understand and practice a culture of peace.


Find more information on Youth for Peace on their website:

Cambodia Background

The Kingdom of Cambodia continues to struggle to recover from years of civil war and genocide which destroyed social institutions, culture, and family traditions. While Cambodia has no armed conflict at this time, true peace based on social justice is still elusive. The breakdown in the social systems affects youth, in particular, because they lack the experience, support and effective skills to help them cope. According to the 1998 census in Cambodia , youth under the age of 30 years of age, make up nearly 70% of the population. Yet they continue to remain marginalized in their roles and responsibilities within society.

While they want to help build a better society, they feel powerless to change injustice, violence and corruption. They lack positive role models for constructive participation in a civil society. They also lack the proper education that will teach them how to be leaders in combating societal problems.

Despite these challenges, high school youth have great potential for contributing to positive change in Cambodian society. Many youth have not yet entered the work force, giving them free time to give to their community. Moreover, they have not yet determined political allegiances, nor have they become tainted by corruption for personal gain. Their education and literacy provide important tools in planning, organizing, and conducting activities for social change.​​​