Donate to Our Programs

CPBI is a registered non-profit charitable organization with a 501 (C)3 status in the United States. Contributions are tax deductible. Please note that tax deductible receipts will be mailed to anyone who includes a postage paid stamped return envelope or Your donation is greater than US $250. If You prefer, we could e-mail You a receipt as well. Please inquire by e-mailing: saji [at] cpbinternational . org

You can support our work in many ways.

Financial Contributions

We at the Center will appreciate any amount of contribution you can make through cash, check or money order payable to “The Center for Peace Building International to ensure that we all can continue to touch a person’s life or assisting communities and youth in various forms of peacebuilding and reconciliation processes.

To Write a Check please mail your contributions to:

The Center for Peace Building International
Attn: Saji Prelis
4410 Massachusetts Ave, NW # 354
Washington, DC 20016-5572

Use the MEMO to specifiy a certain Project of Program

Matching Gifts – Make Your Donation Go Twice as Far

By doubling your donation with an employer contribution, you can help strengthen CPBI’s peacebuilding efforts. When considering a donation to CPBI, please check with your employer to see if they offer a matching gift program. Donations made in person or via mail will receive a mailed receipt within a few weeks. What if my company does not have a program in place yet and would like to set one up? Send an announcement to your employees that your company will match gifts to CPBI, and ask donors to submit copies of their receipts to a designated person. Your company can tally the amounts and send a matching check directly to CPBI at the address above.

Community-wide Fundraising

There are more ways to support CPBI than simply making a donation. One creative and easy way to get more involved is to organize a fundraising event to educate your community about CPBI and donate the proceeds to programs that change the lives of people around the world. Because of our strong commitment to local community-driven solutions in our programs CPBI also values the involvement of donor communities very highly. We believe in connecting donors with the recipients. By organizing community-wide fundraising drives, You are not only raising money but making the members of Your community aware of important issues that are happening near and far. Please contact us for more details about how we can work with You to organize a community-wide fundraising event.

Monthly Giving Programs

CPBI’s program centered monthly giving programs guaranteeing ongoing, everyday support for children and families in need. These easy, convenient plans allow you to provide steady, ongoing support to the program of your choice. You control the amount and date You want to give, and how You want to hear from us. We promise You will never receive mail or telemarketing solicitations if You don’t want them. As a member of CPBI’s monthly giving programs, You help us reduce administrative costs and put Your donation to work more efficiently. You can cancel or adjust your donation level at any time. The programs You can support through this monthly giving program are as follows:

Education for All Scholarship Program:

On average $20 a month can feed and school a young boy or girl and ensure his or her success academically.

International Children’s Retreat Center:

Your monthly contribution can help ensure that a children’s space to learn and grow is heightened. Your contributions will go toward providing children with learning resources and help bring a diverse group fo children from all walks of life to the retreat center.

Other ways to assist us:

Donating stock and mutual funds Volunteering your time and talents Introducing CPBI to potential sources of support Providing pro bono technical assistance or professional services to CPBI Please contact us should you wish to explore any of these options at saji [at] cpbinternational . org