Evaluating Youth Programs in Areas of Conflict

EYPAC – Evaluating Youth Programs in Areas of Conflict – meetings are presented by the Center for Peace Building International in partnership with Search For Common Ground.

Vision Statement of EYPAC

To provide a space for inter-agency engagement and dialogue on experiences and lessons learned in measuring the impact of youth programs in areas of conflict. The goal is to strengthen programs, practice, and inter-agency cooperation.

EYPAC members meet every 6-9 weeks, with the location rotating among the various agency members of the network. These initial meetings are centered on learning and sharing the work organizations in the network have done or are currently working on, in regards to the evaluation of youth programs in areas of conflict. The overall objective of these meetings is the creation of a solid foundation on which this network will eventually draw upon to create a set of deliverables that will advance this field and help fill the gaps missing in the continuity and difficulty in evaluating youth programs in conflict areas.

Organizations Participating in the EYPAC Network:

American University
Catholic Relief Services
Center for Peace Building International
Christian Children’s Fund
Creative Associates
Department of Labor
Education Development Center
Education for Employment Foundation
George Washington University
International Rescue Committee
Life Project
Management Systems International
Mercy Corps
Microfinance Opportunities
Plan USA
Save the Children
Search for Common Ground
Seeds of Peace
United Movement to End Child Soldiering
Women’s Commission for Refugee Women & Children
Woodrow Wilson Center
World Bank
World Vision