Mission & Approach

Our mission is to enhance local capacities for peace in divided societies by understanding the role of young people in fragile environments; promoting youth engagement in peace processes and development; and by strengthening connections between youth around the world.

The Center for Peace Building International (CPBI) was founded on the spirit of young people working with young people and adults alike to provide sight and sound to their lives in troubled spots in various conflict affected areas of the world. One of our main efforts is currently focused on South Asia, and in particular Sri Lanka.

Founded by a group of dedicated young international professionals in the fields of peace and conflict resolution, international law, international education and international development studies, from American University’s Master’s Degree programs, CPBI aims to play a role in the transforming environments of violence into ones of peace and non-violence.

Thanks, in part to the generous support of our donors, and to our volunteer staff, CPBI is quickly making a mark in Sri Lanka and in the United States. We recognize that the ability to coexist in a peaceful environment tolerant of diversity is one of the greatest needs of our time. And it is applicable to many conflict and post conflict areas including Sri Lanka. Therefore, the Center for Peace Building International is dedicated to supporting this by promoting human development and respect for diversity. In light of this, CPBI focuses a majority of its efforts on children and youth. We also believe that any initiatives we undertake should involve the local narratives while acting in a responsible manner between the local, national and international agencies.

Our approach to peace building and development is unique, carrying out Local Youth Led, but Technically Advised projects. Thus, CPBI’s work in fragile environments is carried out by local and regional youth, who are assisted by our staff of international experts.