Nepal Delegation

CPBI coordinated a delegation of parlementarians and civil society leaders from to Washington DC in September 2008. The delegation focused on Nepal’s transition to a democratic state.  Delegates were able to engage with a wide range of individuals accross sectors and discplines including USAID representatives, US Institute of Peace specialists, members of the Nepali Diaspora, State Department officials, Nepal experts, and youth specialists.

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Youth Action Nepal

Youth Action Nepal (YOAC) came in existence in the year 2003 with the initiation of Nepalese university students considering the vulnerable social, economic and political situation of Nepal after the origination of armed conflict and the existing structural forms of human rights violations. There are considerable numbers of NGOs and community based organisations and their activities have also reached through out the country but there was still the lack of organisation that had purely focused their activities for the active involvement of youth in community development process. There was also the lack of organisation that could represent the voice of youth from grassroots to national level to influence the state policies, which has made rigorous impact in the life of youth. Thus, YOAC came in existence with a new vision to address the burning social and human rights issues of the country with the active participation of youth from local to international level with due consideration about the power of youth for social transformation.

YOAC is youth led and youth focused organisation dedicated to youth development and human rights action. It has been carrying out research and study, training and education and lobby advocacy and campaign related activities to address the burning social issues of the country. All YOAC’s activities are focused on the establishment of justifiable society through the active youth involvement. YOAC has been reaching out from conflict affected region to the vulnerable youth community of Nepal.

Human rights and conflict management training, youth work camp for personal development, peace conference and rallies, gender and women rights training and advocacy on national youth policy are some YOAC’s activities organised in the past.


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