saji Lakshitha Saji Prelis
Executive Director

Lakshitha Saji Prelis is one of the founding members and the Executive Director of the Center for Peace Building International. He is also the Associate Director of the Peacebuilding & Development Institute at American University. He is currently involved in several peacebuilding, conflict resolution and coexistence initiatives both in the United States and abroad. In addition, Saji was the technical editor of Reconciliation, Justice and Coexistence: Theory and Practice and co-author of Long Road to Reconciliation in the above publication. Saji was appointed by the governor and served a two year term between 1996 to 1998 as a Commissioner for the State of Oregon on higher education and financial aid issues. He has also been involved in issues of higher education in California, Oregon and Washington, DC. His areas of interest include providing opportunities for children to act as agents of peace, the use of technology for humanitarian purposes, dialogue and coexistence initiatives and education and community development initiatives. Saji Prelis completed his Master’s degree in International Peace & Conflict Resolution with a concentration in International Law from American University in Washington, DC.

main Sarel Kromer

Ms. Kromer is an attorney with significant experience in civil rights and public interest law. She is currently working with organizations that promote conciliation efforts worldwide. She has traveled to Rwanda to observe the Gacaca process and reconciliation efforts and has taught and published articles on these issues.

main L. Randolph Carter

For nearly two decades, L. Randolph Carter has worked with children and youth in several parts of the world in peace education, conflict resolution, trauma counseling, self esteem building, and reintegration programs. Randolph’s work have included serving as Child Protection Coordinator of the International Rescue Committee – Uganda, Head of the Children and Youth Division of Search For Common Ground, Co-Chair for the Washington Network on Children and Armed Conflict and co-Founder of the National Association of Palava Managers, a Liberian youth initiative that conducts conflict resolution and peacebuilding work in schools and communities in Liberia. As a consultant, he has provided technical assistance to organizations such as the The United States Institute of Peace, USAID (Displaced Children and Orphans Fund), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the US Department of Labor (International Labor Affairs Bureau). Randolph has co-authored and edited a number of publications around children/youth protection and development including the “Search For Common Ground’s Toolkit for Engaging Children in Conflict Resolution”, “Youth Protagonist for Peace”, and “Reintegration in Liberia”. Randolph’s work and experience have been resourced in initiatives such as the Graca Machel Study (The Impact of Armed Conflict on Children), Day of the African Child, YMCA/YWCA projects, The Hague Peace Appeal, Harvard University programs (Harvard Children Initiatives and Harvard School of Humanitarian Policy), American University (Committee on Child Soldiers), Leadership Metro Richmond (Metro-teens) and Children in the Crossfire (US Department of Labor/John F. Kennedy High School).

main Mary Bullock

Mary Bullock was a secondary school teacher for twenty years in Arlington, Virginia, after which she served as head of special projects for the National Science Foundation in its Office of Public Affairs. She has been an adjunct instructor at University of Virginia, Falls Church, VA, in the field of Social Foundations of Education, specializing in Aesthetics and Education. Consulting projects include topics in arts, education and social inquiry. Ms. Bullock is a board member of both Food for Others, a food bank in Fairfax, Virginia, and also of the Maxine Greene Foundation for Social Imagination, the Arts and Education in New York City.